Low Level API
Create Session

Create a Session

This section explains how to create a new session with the MultiOn Agent. A session in this context refers to a stateful instance of interaction with our Agent for a specific user query or workflow.


To get started, make sure you have the required dependencies installed:

pip install multion -U

Create Session

To create a new session you will have to provide the language input and url parameters:

Required Parameters

  • input: The user input query for the session. This should be a clear, concise statement of what you need.
  • url: The URL where the session will start from. This should be a valid, accessible URL.

Optional Parameters

  • You can also include additional parameters to refine your session's behavior and responses. Refer to the API documentation for a full list of optional parameters.
response = multion.create_session({"input": "Weather Today", "url": "https://www.google.com"})