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Welcome to MultiOn Agent API ✨

MultiOn is the Motor Cortex layer for AI enabling actions on the Web using natural language commands with millions of concurrent AI Agents ready to run in the cloud.

The Agent API empowers developers to add Web AI Agents to their stack and build powerful AI applications capable of web interactions using a few lines of natural language.

Instead of manually interacting with websites or finding information online, MultiOn inverts the traditional web paradigm to fully automate the web browsing experience 🤗

Getting Started with MultiOn

MultiOn offers two modes of operation for the agent: Step and Autonomous.

  • Step Mode: Ideal for beginners, providing control and transparency over each action.
  • Autonomous Mode: For those ready to leverage full automation, letting MultiOn take the reins for an end-to-end web automation experience.

Your first query video

Watch our introductory video to see MultiOn in action.

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