✨ Welcome to MultiOn AI

MultiOn is the Next-Gen Web AI Agent that can take actions on the internet on your behalf 🚀.

You can install our MultiOn Browser Client to reimagine how you interact with the internet and try it.

Unlock web automation capabilities and build custom AI Applications capable of performing complex web actions with just a few lines of code using the MultiOn Agent API.

Instead of you interacting with websites or finding information online, MultiOn fully automates the web browsing experience to invert the traditional web paradigm 🤗

Using MultiOn:

MultiOn works in two modes: Step-by-step and Auto.

  • We recommend starting by using the step-by-step mode, as using MultiOn is like driving a race car 🏎️, and we want you to learn the controls before going full throttle!
  • Step-by-step mode requires you to approve each next step & allows you to build trust with MultiOn and watch how it is working on different scenarios 🙂

Your first query video:


The documentation is available at (opens in a new tab).